Warmly welcome. I’m Janja. 27 and based in Slovenia. Portrait, location and event photographer. My main branch though are portraits. When I was younger I used to work as a nurse and there I discovered I loved working, supporting, connecting with people. I brought this warmth and joy with me into photography. I’m well aware of the needs of each client, the energy that is brought in. I’m very flexible and adjustable regarding the ideas of each photoshoot. I love creating personalised projects. I rather take more time to define wishes and worries than hurrying up the process. After all, it’s about the experience, not just the final outcome.

My eyes sparkles around my dog Shiva, scenic mountain hike views, walking barefoot in a forest and just observing the sounds, trees and birds. Makes my active mind calmer and in peace. This is why I relate to outdoor photography with natural light so much. You have everything you need to make it look like magic.

As a kid I grew up in very tiny village in Slovenia, near a small stream and lots of hills and forests. I see through my eyes the magic and bliss of what nature can give us, how beautiful the nature and our surrounding is. The forests in fall, the changing colours of the leaves, snowy landscape fairytales, the becoming greenness of the forests in spring, blooming fields and warmness of the sun in summer.. I want to share this wonderness I feel and experience inside of me, through the photos with you.

My photoshootings are based regularly all across Slovenia, sometimes as well in some parts of Italy, Austria or Croatia. I traveled quite a bit before starting my own business journey as a photographer and therapist. I feel appreciation and gratitude for all that we have, right here at home, in Slovenia. Maybe this is why distance is for me very much irrelevant as the location is the one, that for my opinion brings out all the charisma and it’s worth spending a bit more time for it.